Dáreček a Bubák

Fairy tale books for children with full-page illustrations by Xénia Hoffmeisterová and text by the writer Štěpán Kučera.

ISBN: 978-80-906542-3-5, ISBN: 978-80-906542-4-2, Publisher: Adam Hoffmeister, Year: 2020, Pages: 32

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Rychleji a víc

The book maps the work of Xénia Hoffmeisterová in the period 2015 - 2018. The book with texts by Ondřej Novotný and Terezie Zemánková is richly supplemented by photographs and reproductions of works.

ISBN: 978-80-906542-1-1, Publisher: Adam Hoffmeister, Year: 2018, Pages: 200

Avaliable here: http://www.eshopmillennium.cz/cs/xenia-hoffmeisterova-rychleji-a-vic-1/



The publication was published on the occasion of the exhibitions of Xenia Hoffmeister's Shadows, which took place in the premises of IV. Courtyard of the Small Fortress of the Terezin Memorial in the summer of 2016.

ISBN: 9788090654204. Publisher: Adam Hoffmeister. Year: 2016. Pages: 56

Avaliable here: http://www.eshopmillennium.cz/cs/xenia-hoffmeisterova-stiny/


Eugenikové: obrazy k dokumentárnímu filmu Eugéniové, Katzen Arts Center, Washington: České centrum New York: The Czech Center New York: Tschechisches Zentrum New York: 2014-2015, text Michal Plzák

ISBN: 978-80-7017-214-8. Publisher: Kalich. Year: 2015. Pages: 73

Avaliable here: http://www.eshopmillennium.cz/cs/xenia-hoffmeisterova-eugenikove/

Příběhy hravé a dravé

This book presents the artwork of Xénia Hoffmeisterová from 2008 - 2012.

ISBN: 9788070171882. Publisher: Kalich. Year: 2013. Pages: 184

Avaliable here: http://www.eshopmillennium.cz/cs/xenia-hoffmeisterova-pribehy-hrave-a-drave/

Požírač barev

Catalog of the exhibition of art works by Xénia Hoffmeisterová in the Klatovy / Klenová Gallery in 2012. It presents the work of the author from 2010-2012.

ISBN: 978-80-87013-40-3. Publisher: Galerie Klatovy. Year: 2012. Pages: 46

Avaliable here: http://www.eshopmillennium.cz/cs/xenia-hoffmeisterova-pozirac-barev/

Jak se mámí myš

The poet and translator Tomáš Kafka wrote verse micro-stories warning children about what to watch for rats in naughty mice and what to follow the example of a good mouse. The poems are inspired by illustrations by Xénia Hoffmeisterová, who also created the book artistically and graphically.

ISBN: 9788070170939. Publisher: Kalich. Year: 2012. Pages: 52

Avaliable here: http://www.eshopmillennium.cz/cs/tomas-kafka-jak-se-mami-mys-1/


The committee of Xénia Hoffmeister's work from 1989 to 2007 includes paintings, assemblages, drawings, objects, boxes and installations in the church and in the open air. The book is accompanied by texts by Jan Kříž, Vlastimil Tetiva, Anna Janištinová, Jiří T. Kotalík, Josef Vomáček, Jana Chytilová and Nadi Rovderová. Accompanied by a curriculum vitae, a list of exhibitions and an English and German summary.

ISBN: 9788070170786, Publisher: Kalich, Year: 2008, Pages: 304

Avaliable here: http://www.eshopmillennium.cz/cs/xenia-hoffmeisterova-monografie/